Above all else, I am a devotee of exploration, play, and freedom. I express my spirit so that I can feel fully alive; experiencing life in all its indescribable dimensions and initiations. By leaning into the absurd, magical, outlandish, and whimsical, I can create new realities in which I can find transcendence. Inspired by surrealism and psychedelia, I create work to expand and explore the magic of consciousness & existence. My practice is intuitive and meditative, guided strongly by feeling inwardly. I am moved by the momentum of my heart as I lean on instinct to make marks; creating gestures that follow my internal flow, allowing myself to experience movements & moments that feel good. My creations are proof of my existence, as these objects are marks of my own personal experiences. My work is soulfully authentic to my inner world, dreams, visions, and desires. It is a catalyst for cathartic release, healing, and the celebration of love. Love is the guiding force.

Through my work and my practice, I seek to understand and communicate the ineffable through the tangible. Employing art-making as a vehicle for exploration, transformation & healing is very therapeutic, as it reconnects and grounds me to the present moment. 

I am navigating the divine chaos of life and using my art to love and embrace it. 

- Merrin Winkel